Chimi Eyewear x Joellevivian


Summertime means "put-your-shades-out- time"! 


Chimi Eyewear has one of the biggest offer of different sizes and colours, I have seen so far.


I usually wear the big size kind of sunglasses, cause I like to hide my face under it. But when I saw the huge offer in size and colour, I had to try something different - and I love it.



Chimi´s Color philosophy is pretty beautiful:



There is no coincidence why some colors appeal to you more than others. The colors we use to express our style will automatically influence our mood and how other people see us. 

If you think about it, colors support what we would like to express about ourselves and the personality we would like to portray. When you become aware of the power colors have in your life, you can benefit from them. 



Go and check out my choice of beautiful sunglasses from Chimi Eyewear below.



First shades - Coco #005



As you can see above this is the kind of sunglasses I usually picked - I love the square size, the colour fits perfect to my blonde hair. 





I also have an eye for the detail and I love the little details these sunglasses have - as you can see above they are also designed in Sweden, which also speaks for the quality.


Second Shades - Peach #006


My second pick is the Peach #006 - I first wasn't sure about the size and color - but it fits perfect to my face and really is an eyecatcher. 


And as well as the Coco #005, the quality and details are really high fashion!


Finding the perfect sunglass can be more challenging than finding the perfect kind of Jeans - but with Chimi´s offer, it is pretty easy to find the perfect fit.





As everybody knows, I love the details and have an eye for the packaging - so here I´ll show you some of the beautiful details besides the sunglasses!




Who else is as convinced as I am should check out Chimi´s eyewear below - sunglasses are linked to the shop.



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    Fashionnova (Sonntag, 10 Juni 2018 14:55)

    Die sehen wirklich toll aus! Schöne Bilder.

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